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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Little Children

I love little children; they're so sweet.
Dirty little hands and little bare feet.
Asking such questions as: Can I have that?
Is there a man really that fat?

Look over there Mom, that lady's green.
There Mom, he's the uglies man I've ever seen.
I've got you a present. Look it's a slug!
Don't kill it, Mom, I love that little bug.

Only children can be beautiful with candy on the face.
They have no worries, they trust God's grace.
They don't worry about tomorrow at all.
Up they jump no matter how hard the fall.

If only we could be more like a child
Forgiving, no worries, free and a little wild
Taking nothing for granted, but learning each day.
Walking in love as we go on our way.

Thank God for Children.........

by Alla Mae Swaim


  1. Ah this one's cute. "Of such is the kingdom of heaven."

  2. I like your poem about kids. I does 'cause I is one. If'n you is going to post a lot more I'll be
    a'comin' back.

  3. Hey Alla mae its me Tracy. I love your poem on little children. I believe they are a blessing. I don't think the world would be the same without them. I think that your blog is looking really great. Thanks for the comments on my page. But your are doing really great. So keep up the good work and keep on writing.
    Love Tracy!


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