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Say Your Prayers
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Staying Warm a Reality

We all wrote on how we keep warm on a cold winter day, well, it's time to put those ideas into practice.  As I sit here, it is sleeting.  I thought I ought to get on before the power goes off.  I hope it doesn't  get bad enough to do that, but as we found out a few years ago, it can! 
We were without power for 7 days.  We had plenty of candles, oil lamps, and our wood stove to keep us warm and to cook on.  It was fun for a day or two, but having to warm water to do dishes, wash with, and so on, wasn't much fun.  There is a small stream beside our house where we got water for those things.  We were really blessed with all we had.  So many didn't have those things. 
We played games, read, and talked about God and the family more in that time peroid than we had in a long while.  Who knows,  Maybe God liked that enough to do it again.  Well, at any rate we are trusting Him to take care of us through this.  I will praying for all of you that God will keep you safe and warm. 
Just enjoy your time together and listen to the voice of God as He speaks to your heart and speak to Him too.  He likes to hear from you.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Remembering Old Friends

I don't really know why, but I have been thinking about my childhood a lot lately.  To much time on my hands maybe, or maybe it's just part of getting older.  At any rate the thoughts keep coming so I thought I would write some of them down.

There are seven of us girls, of which I am the oldest.  I have two other sisters who are really close to the same age as me.  We lived way out in the country.  Then it was 12 miles out on a dirt road.  Now it's only about three, but then it was pretty quiet around here.  Not to many poeple lived close to us.  Our best friends were our three cousins who lived about a quarter of a mile across the creek from us.  They were our ages.  Three girls.  The thing was we didn't hang with the girls who were our own age.  The oldest cousin Linda was best friends with the youngest of us, Delbra.  Wanda the sister next to me was friends with the youngest of them who was Sherry, and I was friends with Velma the middle one of them. 
We had a lot of good times playing back then.  I remember once we all went swimming in Feb.  It wasn't one of these 70% days like we sometimes have now.  It was cold.  Once across the creek was enough for us all.  We went one at a time because we only had one pair of shorts and a shirt.  We never even thought of going in without them.  We were far enough in the boonies that I am sure we would have been Ok, but we all wore that  set of clothes.  We had to put our hair up because we knew if we went home with our hair wet Mom would know what we did and would would be in trouble with a capital T. 
God surley was with us silly girls.  We didn't even get a cold. 
Times have passed and we are all grandmothers or about to be.  We don't see each other much anymore, but those loving times will always be there to keep us close in our thoughts and will always make it a joy to see each other when we can.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Staying Comfy


How do you stay warm and Cozy? Hot soup? Share a recipe! Wood or central heat? A cozy blanket, and a good book? Come share what keeps you, and your family feeling cozy through the long winter.

Country Granny wrote,
At our house we burn wood most of the time.  To stay warm when it's really cold I like to make a pot of coffee, put on my warmest, fuzzest socks, grab a good book and curl up in our old recliner beside the heater.   When my grand-children are here we make hot chocolate for them and they like to do puzzles, draw and color pictures, or read next to the stove.  Some times I tell them stories about how it was when I was a child.  It was a lot different then.  They like to add their comments too. 
We like to watch old movies too.  White Christmas, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and several others.  One of my grand-daughters, thought that when they made black and white movies that everything was black and white the reason the movies were that way.  She ask me when every thing got color.  You learn lots of things keeping warm around an old wood stove.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Answers: Old Riddles

1.  His feet
2.  You're to small to smoke
3.  So he could sing, "I'm Walking the Floor Over You."
4.  So he would have a step father
5.  (Gross)  So a booger wouldn't get him
6.  Meet me at the clothes line, Maggie, that's where I hang out.
7.  Shut the door, I'm dressing.
8.  Shoe
9.  Only one, he can only go up it a foot, the doesn't drive.
10. A man sat on a stool holding a chicken leg in his lap.  Up came a dog and took
      the chicken leg from the man.  The man jumped up and grabed the stool,
      threw it at the dog and made the dog bring back the chicken leg.