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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Staying Warm a Reality

We all wrote on how we keep warm on a cold winter day, well, it's time to put those ideas into practice.  As I sit here, it is sleeting.  I thought I ought to get on before the power goes off.  I hope it doesn't  get bad enough to do that, but as we found out a few years ago, it can! 
We were without power for 7 days.  We had plenty of candles, oil lamps, and our wood stove to keep us warm and to cook on.  It was fun for a day or two, but having to warm water to do dishes, wash with, and so on, wasn't much fun.  There is a small stream beside our house where we got water for those things.  We were really blessed with all we had.  So many didn't have those things. 
We played games, read, and talked about God and the family more in that time peroid than we had in a long while.  Who knows,  Maybe God liked that enough to do it again.  Well, at any rate we are trusting Him to take care of us through this.  I will praying for all of you that God will keep you safe and warm. 
Just enjoy your time together and listen to the voice of God as He speaks to your heart and speak to Him too.  He likes to hear from you.

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  1. It's nice how the Lord just uses what ever situation we find ourselves in, and blesses us.
    That is some good advise at the end too.
    Thanks for sharing.

    I tried to comment the other day on this and it didn't go through.
    Maybe it will now.


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