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Say Your Prayers
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Old Riddles

I was just remembering some of the old ridddles my Mom used to ask us. I wondered if any of you remember them or if not maybe you would like to share them with some of your younger faimly members. I will post he answers next week if no one has answered them by then.

1. What's the first thing a farmer puts in his garden?

2 What did the big chimeny say to the little chimney?

3. Why did the little moron bury his girlfrien under the house?

4. Why did the little moron bury his father under the door step?

5. Why did the little moron get on a fence post to blow his nose?

6. What did one sheet say to the other?

7. What did the salad say to the refridgarator?

8. What goes over the mountains, through the valley, and comes home
at night and sleeps under the bed with it's tongue hanging out?

9. There's a 100 foot tree in the yard. If a raccoon goes up it a foot
every night, how many nights with it take the raccoon to climb the tree?

10. Two legs sat on three legs, holding one leg in his lap. Up comes
four legs and takes one leg from two legs. Up jumps two legs
and throws three legs at four legs and makes four legs bring
one leg back. What is 1leg, 2 legs, 3 legs, and 4 legs.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Is Over

Well, Christmas is over.  It's always a sad time for me.  I don't know why, really.  I guess because it's such a special time of the year.  Everyone just seems friendlier and the decorations are so beautiful. Everything looks so bare when they are all taken down.
We had a wonderful Christmas Day.  The Kids were all here and they were happy with their gifts.  I remember when getting gifts was so special to me too.  Now, I would rather give them.  I get that special feeling from giving that I used to get from getting.  A part of maturing, I guess.
I hope you were blessed with a good Christmas too, but most of all that Christ was the center of it.  God Bless all His beautiful children of which you are one if you have Him in your heart.  God's beauty is in the heart not in the outward good looks.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We Can Do It

I got a card in the mail.
It said, I hope your fine and doing well.
I said to myself, I guess I'm Okay
If this pain would just go away.
I'm not really sick, I just don't feel good,
I'd get up and clean if only I could.

I sat in my chair for an hour or two,
Thinking about my pains, just feeling blue.
Then I picked up the card to take another look.
It was almost as thick as a book.
Why hadn't I noticed it before, I said.
I opened each page and quietly read.

The card was filled with blessing from God's Holy Word.

He takes care of the sparrow, He loves us more than a bird.
We can do all things with Him on our side.
He lights our way and will be our guide.
I read each verse, feeling better as I went.
What a blessing to me was sent.

I cleaned my house and cooked the dinner.
Knowing that by God's Word, I was a winner.