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Friday, October 9, 2009

Country Girls

Country girls know how to milk a cow.

Want to make a good biscuit, just ask them how.

They can sow a garden or sew a dress;

Take care of the kids and clean up the mess.

\They can make a meal out of, seems like nothing,

Kill and cook the turkey and make the stuffing.

They can drive tractors or old trucks,

Feed the chickens, pigs, and ducks.

\When they go hunting they don't need a guide;

They can skin a coon, stretch the hide.

They can kill a squirrel and fry it up:

Make the gravy without a measuring cup.

\They can whistle a tune or sing out loud,

Be the center of attention in any crowd.

But of this one thing, you better beware

They may look dainty, but they're strong as a bear.

by Alla Swaim


  1. You did it!!! You got a blog!! That was a good poem I didn't even know you wrote until I looked at the bottom. I'll be checking back for more.

  2. I like that poem. I'll be checking back here often. I like your blog.

  3. Thanks Tammy and Peach. I have several poems that I have writen on different things. I will post them a few at a time and some new ones too, I hope.

  4. Hey, I like all the stuff you added.
    especially this country girl. Sounds like you know what you're talking about. How in the world do you get all those words to rhyme and make sense?

  5. Aunt B, I don't know how I get the words to rhyme. I guess because I have always liked poems, like you have always liked telling stories. Ha ha. No, really, I just like to do it. I guess that's what God gave me to do. I am glad someone likes to read them. Thanks


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