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Friday, October 16, 2009

God's Children

The house is full with children.
Their clutter is noticed the whole house wide.
But, oh, how empty when they are gone.
Every thing's quiet and you feel alone.

Children take more work this is true:
More cooking, dishes, and lots of clothes too.
But, they're so sweet and have so much love to give.
I think without children, I'd have no will to live.

They except you just the way you are.
They don't care about your looks, your past, or your car.
Now wonder Jesus says, we must be like them.
They're full of love, mercy, and forgiveness, just like HIM!


  1. How cute. Kids are so sweet. Especially when they are your Grand Kids Huh? I think that's what Granny thought. She loved them Grand Babies.

  2. I just read the comment on my blog about my rhyming. I tried to sit down and write a serious poem about Autumn, because I love this time of year. Everything kept turning out stupid. I can't seem to do serious stuff. I haven't even been able to reach heart warming. I'm still working on it, but I keep erasing and rewriting,erasing and rewriting,erasing and rewriting,WELL, you get the picture. Try, Try, again I guess. Thanks for the comments Love, Aunt B


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