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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Autumn Memories

I think Autumn is my

Favorite time of year.

Thoughts of childhood

Seem to linger near.

I remember raking the leafs

Into a great big pile;

Running and jumping in the middle:

How it makes me smile.

We'd build a big fire and roast

Marshmallows till they burned;

Say silly tongue twisters over

And Over, until each word was learned.

We'd hunt pretty leafs to see

Who's was the prettiest and best.

The trouble was that each of us

Felt ours was better than the rest.

How I wish I could go back

And play with my sisters once more;

There at the old home place with

Momma watching from the door.


  1. I love it. My thoughts go back to the home place in Autumn more than any time of the year too. Too bad so many take life for granted. I think such beautiful memories of childhood, keeps you from doing that so bad. I enjoyed the poem. Thanks for the blessing, Sis.

  2. That sounds like some sweet memories. I remember jumping in the leaves that were raked up. Naughty huh? Well, I WAS the baby.
    I guess while you're reminiscing you'll have to get some marshmellows, rake up some leaves, build a fire, and make some memories for them grandbabies. Love ya'll


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